A Party in your pocket.


Itchy Ribs

Itchy Ribs is "by the stoners for the stoners" working class weed. No fancy bullshit, just really fucking good weed at an affordable price. Just because weed is affordable doesn't mean that it has to suck. Only the best goes into our flower, joints, and other infused products.

We grow weed for the trill group of people that work their ass off all week to spend what is left of their paycheck on having a good time, partying, tipping their bartenders, and their budtenders.

Find our joints at the following dispensaries:

Jamaica Joelsherbal connectionnext level wellnessthe greener sidemid valley cannabishwy 99 cannabis co

Jamaica Joel's & Mid Valley Cannabis have Itchy Rib's flower in addition to joints.



If you're carrying around a tube of Itchy Ribs joints, then you've got a party in your pocket. 1.5 grams across 3 joints is the perfect amount to get the party started at an affordable price. A number of different flavors are available to give you options depending on what you are looking for.

Baked & Fried
& Chill
Deep Space
Cherry Bomb

Cloudy Farms

Located on a Cattle operation turned weed farm, Cloudy Farms is where we grow all of our "off grid weed". You won't find any Gavita lights in this outdoor grow powered by the sun (the original grow light).

Brother Nature is a great budtender, and he loves working with us.


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